Community Involvement

What We Have Done In The Community Of San Martin

With over 320 employees at the mine site, Starcore endeavors to create initiatives that will encourage community development and pride. Our philosophy on corporate responsibility is to instill environmental awareness in our community’s families. We are especially proud of our business practices that are designed to sustain environmental sensitivity, inspiring each individual to be mindful of the economic, environmental and social issues that will impact the community’s future and the future of our shareholders

  • We support our community’s kindergarten and elementary school and donate generously to their programs. We built a roof covering the elementary school’s bleachers and continue to maintain the school grounds and entrances.
  • We fund the annual summer camp for the community’s children, 90% of whom are part of our miners’ families.
  • And for our employees at San Martin mine, we provide annual medical check-ups free of charge, including prostrate antigens exams, audiometry exams, physical exams, glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol exams, and thorax x-rays.