Teocuitla - Gold/Silver Exploration, Sonora, Mexico

Geology and Mineralization

The geology of Opodepe Project is focused on precios metals and is located in north zone of Meztli 4  claims where the El Creston deposit is located The host rock is a granite (Late Cretaceous – Early Tertiary). Within this lithology and distant to the Mo-Cu Porphyry deposit, there is an Epithermal Low Sulfidation deposit. The geological behavior is a shear zone.

The targets discovered in the Project are filon type an the area 9: Mana System, Karla System, El Guerigo Breccia, Area NOM, Midas Vein, San Gerónimo, La Aurora, La Última and El Oro (other claim). Each of these discovered targets was identified as a surface anomaly zone, however, the true potential is found in length of the structures and diversification of structures that are presented in the Starcore concessions.

The mineralization observed in the different Starcore structures is variable, but the behavior is always vein-type, and the mineralization occurs mainly on: silicification areas, oxides with gray quartz fragments zones, formal quartz veins and propylitic alteration zones. 


Exploration Program 2021

The Company conducted a six-month exploration plan which included more than 1600 samples taken in the outcrops of nine new discovered veins in the Teocuitla claims, with a focus on gold and silver orebodies. The initial results of the exploration program are outlined below:

Table 1:  Assay Results of the samples taken from MEZTLI4 and TEOCUITLA Claims

# Targets Target Claim Recognized surface length (mt) Economic length (mt)Surface Economic width (mt) Surface Aug/t Agg/t
1 Mana System Meztli4 2100 300 1.07 0.52 250
2 Karla System NW 1815 280 0.53 3.52 13
3 Karla System SW 480 190 0.61 1.53 64
4 El Guerigo Breccia 1800 110 0.98 0.11 162
5 San Gerónimo Stockpile Samples 0.40 214
6 Midas Vein New claims
580 190 0.73 0.09 147
7 La Aurora - La Espinada Vein Stockpile Samples 0.21 241
8 La Última Old mining non visited
9 El Oro Other claim 500 70 0.53 10.30 5

Exploration Phase 1

There  have been five kilometers  of roads on Meztli 4 Claim focused on giving the Company Access to the main structures: Mana System, Karla System, NOM Area and El Guerigo Breccia. However, there are more structures that do not need Access roads: San Gerónimo, Midas Vein, La Aurora, La Ultima, and El Oro vein extension.

In many areas of Starcore’s claims, it is normal to find old mining activity of the different geological structures. 

Midas vein is composed of a formal quatrz vein, with a width 0.30cm – 3.0mt, Midas vein is located on Teocuita Claim (recently adquired). Midas, presents the largest number of old mining activity.

San Gerónimo Vein is another other geological structure with big áreas of old dumps with médium grade silver and also has ruins of a mineral smelting plant.  

Mana System is the continuation of the San Riccardo vein and it is located in Meztli 4. This geological structure has a geological thicknesses of 3.0m -100m and has a length of >2.5km.

In many areas it is possible to see old mining activity however on the Midas Vein and San Gerónimo, it is common to see large areas of old dumps.

Drilling Program 2021

The first stage of drilling focused on the upper part of the veins of the zone and has been considered as recognition drilling. A total of 3,289.6 m has been drilled in 25 short holes.

In 2022, the drilling will be focused on the zone of the veins which the geologists have considered favorable zones to find economic reserves.  These holes will be longer than the first stage including two new veins, MIDAS, and El ORO, both in the Teocuitla concession recently acquired by Starcore.  The company will update shareholders upon completion of the program.


#1 – OPDS-21-001; 6.73 m @ 4.79 g/t AuEq
#7–  OPDS-21-018; 1.91 m @ 2.30 g/t AuEq
#15 – OPDS-21-022; 2.19 m @ 1.96 g/t AuEq



Qualified Person

Salvador Garcia, B., a director of the company and Chief Operating Officer, is the Company’s qualified person on the project as required under NI 43-101 and has prepared the technical information contained in this press release.