Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in Social Good

In December 2016, an agreement was announced between Starcore International and the community of San Martin to turn unused land of the community into a park and recreational area. The community based design approach relied on the dynamic relationship that exists between the San Martin community and the San Martin mine.
Announcement of the Community Park Plan Competition

Through friendly engagement of the community, the children from the primary and secondary school were able to submit ideas and plans based on the perceived needs of the community. The ideas were submitted to a panel that consisted of mine staff and community members, and the best idea that focused on sustainable and an equitable solution to the unused land was chosen. The plans submitted reflected an incredible amount passion and vision, clearly demonstrating that the desire to create a park for the generations was natural to the children. The inauguration of the park included mine staff, community members and the children, and political ambassadors to Mexico from Canada. The participation by various parties echoed the harmony that is created when community and company work together, and the power of investing in social goods.

Park designs by Children of the San Martin Community

Pierre Alarie, Ambassador of Canada to Mexico, Celebrates “El Jardin de Ninos”