Altiplano Processing Facility

Precious Metals Processing in Mexico

The Altiplano processing facility is a dynamic toll processor located in Matehaula, Mexico. Altiplano will focus on offering advanced toll processing for precious metals to numerous small and medium-sized producers in the immediate area and generating revenues based on treatment charges, refinery charges, addition Au/Ag recoveries, and the sale of treated concentrate tailings. A dissolution process will provide a cleaner and less expensive process to foundry technology to treat concentrates compared to alternative options in the area.

Highlights of the Facility

  • Designed to process 25 tons per day at 90 hours leach time with ability to expand to 50tpd with extra leaching tanks
  • Strategic service offering for miners to sell their concentrates with competitive processing payment plans
  • Great location- Matehuala has approximately 20 small and medium sized miners that are consistently producing high grade concentrates,
  • Silver and fine gold are obtained as by products; the lead and copper concentrates, along with the remnants of gold and silver will be marketed with foundries or traders.