Corporate Social Responsibility

Reclamation & Revegetation

Recognizing that we are stewards of our natural environment, we have adopted the technology of dry stacked tailings at a considerable added cost to our operations. However, we believe the benefits far outweigh the cost considerations and will bring long-lasting values. We have taken on this ethic that embraces responsible planning and management of our resources. The following are just a few of the benefits of dry stacking our tailings:

  • We recycle more of our process solutions within the plant;
  • We effectively reduce our water consumption by as much as 80 to 85% and reduce windborne dust;
  • We eliminate the risk of discharging harmful solutions to the environment;
  • We reduce the impact on our environment in terms of land area that we use for the tailings, as dry stack facilities require a smaller footprint compared to other surface tailings disposal systems, while creating a much more stable impoundment geotechnically;
  • We eliminate groundwater contamination through seepage;
  • We revegetate our land area with greater efficiency and ease.